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Our 500 series can handle the most challenging applications: cold, moist environments, dusty warehouses, extremes of temperature, etc. The solvent natural rubber adhesive is the most aggressive adhesive available for carton sealing. These products are all European made, and they represent the very best of the Primetac product line. Our 500 series natural rubber tapes conform to FDA requirements for indirect food packaging (CFR, Title 21, Subpart B, 175.105). CLICK HERE FOR MSDS SHEET FOR OUR SOLVENT TAPES
Product code
Bopp carton sealing tapes 28 micron film
Bopp carton sealing tapes 33 micron film
Bopp carton sealing tapes 40 micron film
Bopp carton sealing tapes 50 micron film

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We offer wholesale distributors a quality-oriented approach to carton sealing tapes. Our innovative approach to quality control has been developed in-house over 15 years and has resulted in a unique, high shear line of tapes and 5 layer cast stretch films.

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